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May 2010

what about Lyon

May 28, 2010 7:07 PM
Anthony Joyeux



a new vision about the city territory of Lyon_ france

The project of full of fuel considers the climate change and the peak oil and proposes to reunite inhabitants with the primary nature they’re issued.
The wish is to create some specific mutual-aid links between people and between them and nature.

full of fuel consists in reclaiming the future abandonned sites after the peak oil. It coul be possible to deal with petrochimical factories -2 in Lyon-, but the project has the wish to propose a human scale action and more precisly to make an action at the neighbourhood scale, in order to each one of us could have the feeling to be concerned.

Thus, we need to reconsider the term of landscape.
Nowadays, we can’t restrain landscape as the nature. And to extend it, Lucien KROLL set straight us about a new consideration of landscape.

«The landscape : we want to call landscape the shape produced by countless compatible peoples actions which continually weaving connections between things, and not the big arbitrary decisions which produce something monumental, propaganda.»

Therefore, a lot of interactions has to be integrated to think about the landscape of the city’s territory. Social, ecosystemic, financial but not only. The question of the time, the growing, the sensitization, the way of dwell in the contemporary city are the base of this project.
Because, we refuse the strong action, synonym of the tabula rasa princip, we’ve prefered to explore the notion of mutation based on the existing.

And to begin, it’s intersting to point some existing dispositives and to compare them to the localization of filling stations in Lyon, surely the first territories in distress with a peak oil.


   velo’v network   

With a contract for 13 years about advertising support, a french society had to introduce a bicycle rental network in Lyon.
Today, it represents 343 stations in Lyon.

Take it for free for the 30 first min, and the cost is 1€ until 1 hour. After it’s 2€ per 1/2 hour.
Take it back at any stations.


   share gardens     

In Lyon, many gardens grow between buildings, on an empty parcel ... They are a place to share ; experiences, the taste to garden or just to be in a specific place in the city with other people. The base is to be citizen and responsible, favouring meets and neighbourhood life; garden into the city transforming the relationships between people and their environment.


   parks and gardens   

Lyon has 3 urban parks and many public gardens.
The two famous are Tête d’Or with105 ha and Gerland with 9 ha.




what about Lyon, what about Lyon  




 Full of Fuel

city of Lyon, France

by anthony joyeux

state graduated architect


full of fuel

a new urban fragmented park based on the filling stations reusing


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