full of fuel [BEST INSIGHTS PRIZE!]

May 2010

and ... just live

May, 28 2010 11:56 PM
Anthony Joyeux


Rather than to create only one big park, here the development of several entities are forming and define a whole. Each one can keep its own character without to smooth the identity of each neighbourhood. Futhermore, their small sizes is allowing an easy land grabbing by...

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make it, live it

May, 28 2010 11:49 PM
Anthony Joyeux




think territory with a planguide


The way of thinking territory by a master plan is to reductive. Nowadays, we can’t erase and project everything.
Territory is moving, landscape as a production of people, social interactions... is moving...

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just make it, just make it  


 Full of Fuel

city of Lyon, France

by anthony joyeux

state graduated architect


full of fuel

a new urban fragmented park based on the filling stations reusing

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