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The Twenty First-Century Imperative Podcast series will explore the approaches and insights of scientists, planners, designers, engineers,politicians, business entrepreneurs, and other successful change-makers, who are finding smart, effective ways to meet the three critical challenges of the Twenty-First Century Imperative:

How will we continue to live on our planet without destroying our biosphere?

How will we repair and regenerate the environmental damage we have already caused?

How will we adapt to the escalating impacts of climate change?

Each episode will feature an interview with an individual who we think you will find not only inspiring, but also very relevant to helping you answer the question: “what can I do to address the Twenty-First Century Imperative?"



Our Mission is an open, not-for-profit network of planners, urban designers, architects, designers, engineers, and landscape architects whose mission is to develop creative, practical, and implementable planning and design strategies that help increase the capacity for resilience of our communities and cities to the future shocks and stresses associated with climate change, environmental degradation, resource shortages, in the context of global population growth and migration. >>> See more about our mission

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Community and Ecosystem Resilience in North America CEC Workshop

Jul, 10 2012 7:09 PM
by Craig Applegath

The Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) held a very successful workshop over the past couple of days. It's goal was to provide citizens from Canada, Mexico and the USA, NGOs, government and academics to come together to discuss how individual communities across North America are tackling environmental challenges and how policymakers are working to support their efforts.

I will shortly post some of the key findings and photos from the workshop facilitated by The Moment. The final output of the session will be a "book" of resilience guidelines, strategies and approaches. You should also be able to find them posted on sometime later this week.

What stood out most in my mind about this workshop was the thoughtfulness of the participants, and the very high quality of the presentations, and most importantly, the high quality of resilience strategies and approaches developed by the "expert" work groups over the two days.


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Featured Past Ideas Competition Entries

The Water Paradox: Where you live with what you have - the climate change induced water issues. This study explores the most ubiqutous climate change paradox present in many of coastal cities around the world - the abundance and the lack of water in addition to, risk + opportunities of the climate change induced water issues. The proposal demonstrates the risks and potentials of the coastal/bay area developments and communities such as Fish Market area in Sydney, Australia. ⇒More Info
Manifestations for a City: The proposal builds resilience by re-establishing the relationship between people, natural system and the urban water ecosystem of Nagpur city.“Manifestations for a city” introduces new water ecosystem proposed as per the existing water system of the city and zone level urban design interventions. In natural world, opportunities for novelty are most abundant when systems re-organize. With some resilience thinking, one can see water abundant lakes and networks coming up in vacant plots, along side roads controlling the overall fabric of the city. ⇒More Info

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