Craig Applegath


Architect, urban designer, futurist, and a pioneer and leader in planning and design for urban resilience, Craig is a founding member and the current moderator of

Craig is also an Architect and Principal at DIALOG in Toronto, and writes and speaks on urban design and architecture in the face of climate change and energy scarcity, and has presented at conferences and workshops across North America.  If you would like Craig to speak at your conference please email your inquiry to  for further information about his fees and availability.

About Craig

Architect, Urban Designer, futurist, and a pioneer in the field of Urban Resilience, Craig is a Principal at DIALOG, and a passionate advocate for developing planning and design solutions that make sense in a world of energy scarcity and climate change. Since graduating from the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University with a Master of Architecture in Urban Design he has built a considerable track record leading complex institutional planning and design projects, but is best known for his advocacy of environmentally integrated design and urban resilience. In addition to his project and practice responsibilities, Craig writes and lectures on sustainable design and resilient city design in Canada and United States. This has included speaking presentations at major conferences in Toronto, Montreal, Chicago and San Francisco.

Craig is a founding member and current moderator of the website; was a founding Board Member of Sustainable Buildings Canada; and is a current member of the Canadian Green Building Council. Craig is also a past President of the Ontario Association of Architects, and was made a Fellow of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada for his services to the profession.

Speaking and Workshop Engagements

In addition to his fulltime Architecture Practice as a Principle at Cohos Evamy, Craig Applegath is a regular speaker and facilitator at international conferences, seminars and workshops on the topic of resilient city planning and building design in the face of climate change, and peak oil.

If you would like to have Craig speak or facilitate at your conference or event please contact him at

Some recent examples of past speaking and facilitation engagements include:

1. The The Center for Healthcare Design Conference, 2000

2. The American Society of Healthcare Engineers and Architects, 2001

3. The Ontario Hospital Association Convention, 2001

4. Clean Med Conference, Chicago, 2002

6. The RAIC Festival, 2006, 2008, and 2009

7. The Sustainable Buildings Canada St. Lawrence Hall Green Charrette, 2008

8.  A Keynote Speaker at the IDEX / Green Building Festival in Toronto, 2009

9.  Speaker at City of Edmonton "Way We Green" Speakers Series, City of Edmonton, 2010

10.  Speaker at the AIAS Conference in Toronto, 2010

11.  Keynote Speaker at the CAPS Conference at the University of Waterloo, 2011

12.  Panel Speaker at the BUILDEX Conference in Vancouver, 2011

13.  Keynote Speaker at the Greater Toronto Area Mayors' Conference, 2011

14.   Lecture at York University to the Environmental Studies  

See one of Craig's Presentations: 

"RESILIENCE: A Framework for Urban Planning & Policy in the Next Quarter Century"

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Craig will be speaking at the Upcoming Ryerson University Interventions Lecture Series in Toronto, Canada

Department of Architectural Science Lecture Series
Spring 2012


Addressing our planet's most pressing environmental, demographic, and economic problems through designing more resilient cities"

Time & Date: 6:30pm, Thursday, March 1st, 2012




Some Reviews of Craig's past speaking engagements:

"Thank you so much for the inspiring and informative lecture this morning. You have indeed set the bar very high and you have framed most of the critical issues that I hope to explore during the course." (Arlene Gould, York University Faculty of Graduate Studies, Environmental Studies Course Presentation, May 2011)

"It was eye opening and inspiring." (Austin McDowell, Toronto AIAS Conference, 2010)

"I found the presentation to be very organized and insightful. It has allowed me to think about the topic in a different way. In addition, it has given me a starting point to pursue ideals I believe are essential to the profession and our present environment." (Sayiddah McCree, Toronto AIAS Conference, 2010)

"Very insightful and thought provoking. Would have enjoyed an entire course on the material." (Jack Solomon, Toronto AIAS Conference, 2010) 

"Intelligent knowledgable, well-researched thoughtful messages."  (Murray Frankel, Montreal)

"I appreciated your frankness and honesty in sharing with us visions of a difficult future - very refreshing and hopeful despite the sobering trajectory we all face. Thanks for risking to tell us an uncomfortable truth."    (Dundley Thompson, Winnipeg)

"Entertaining and energetic delivery. The message was well structured with an evoking and powerful message."    (Charles Lau, Toronto)

"This presentation was an excellent combination of well documented facts, clear and insightful graphs, and a passionate speaker who sees the problem and yet has hope for the future."    (James W. O'Neill, Houston)

"Well prepared, well delivered, and thanks for the summer reading list."    (Stephen Pope, Ottawa)

"Knowledgeable, clear, direct."    (Paul Roth, Toronto)