Get Involved!

Wondering what else you can do to make difference and become part of the ResilientCity planning and design network?  Here are some suggestions:

1.  Become familiar with the issues. We recommend the following books as great backgrounders to understanding the key issues:

And then watch Gregory Green's Video: The End of Suburbia, (directed by Gregory Greene, one of ResilientCity's Ideas Competition Jury Members) that very effectively treats all of the key issues of peak oil and its potential impact on urban planning and city design.

2.  Participate in our next Ideas Design Competition to explore and then exhibit your ideas about how we could more effectively design our cities and buildings to achieve greater resilience.

3.  If you are a member of a Professional Association, make their continuing education program aware of Resilience its importance to our future communities and cities.

4.  If you are a member of a Green Building Council (like USGBC or CaGBC) then make your voice heard and tell your local chapter and your national representatives to make energy conservation a higher priority and requirement in their LEED building credit system. Although all of the LEED credits are important, reducing energy consumption in buildings is the most important single action to reduce green house gas emissions, and our reliance on fossil fuels.

5.  Send us your comments, suggestions and ideas on how you think we can plan and design more resilient cities, as well as how we can improve the website. We are a new website, so we wlll very much appreciate hearing from you on how we can make it more useful for you, at Contact Us.