full of fuel [BEST INSIGHTS PRIZE!]

May 2010

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May 28, 2010 11:56 PM
Anthony Joyeux


Rather than to create only one big park, here the development of several entities are forming and define a whole. Each one can keep its own character without to smooth the identity of each neighbourhood. Futhermore, their small sizes is allowing an easy land grabbing by inhabitants.
Each area will have its own specific garden but it will also be linked to the city with the «green fingers».




from the top and right to left
   ground detoxification by culture of specific trees   
   games area on the existing concrete plan   
   re-use the fuel cistern keeping the functional image but not the energy   
   reinforce and facilitate the access to the velo’v network   
Creation of 23 new velo’v stations.
   focus on how to make easy and pleasant «soft transportations»   
   maximize small actions on the ground to stimulate the 3rd landscape   







 Full of Fuel

city of Lyon, France

by anthony joyeux

state graduated architect


full of fuel

a new urban fragmented park based on the filling stations reusing

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