June 2010

Aquapolis 2020 — Energy Harvesting&System Hybrid

Jun 16, 2010 7:19 AM
Chao Wang


Since our proposal minimizes the Carbon emission,we abandon the coal and petroleum which could produce a large amount of Carbon Dioxide during the combustion.As we have abundant wind-power resource and tidal-power resource, we build Wind driven generator and Tidal power generator to harvest clean energy.Apart from this,we use PV panels to get solar energy.


Though we establish diverse systems to operation the city and get resilience,some of the systems are related. And if we com--bine the interelated system,we could obviously improve the efficiency of energy utilization and reduce the cost of infrastructure.

As the Aquapolis, a city surrounded by seawater,we could get the freshwater via the Sea Water Desalination.During the evaporation method,the evaporator need heat to make seawater evaporating.The heat could get from the Temperature Controlling System while it is cooling the building.Correspondingly,the condenser could release heat which the Temperature Controlling System needed while it heating the building.At the same time,the pipes of the Water Cycling System could combine with the pipeline of Temperature Controlling System and architectural structure.And all this becomes a hybrid system.




Aquapolis 2020

As climate change,global warming of the ocean and the air will accelerate the melting of the ice sheets.The rise in sea level may well threaten our homeland,especially the cities close to the seaside.What these coastal cities will be?Will they just submerge and people who live in them leave thier home?Or will they accommodate the changes and utilize the new situation?Will we live above the sea instead of next to it?The project Aquapolis 2020 gives a vision of the city above the sea in the future.

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