Energy architecture: Homeless

June 2010

Strong relationship network for energy In Vilnius :neighborhood sampling

Jun 6, 2010 5:38 PM
Manuel Duret

             The city of Vilnius to lithuania includes several neighborhood: type commercial business district, residential and residential suburb close and the transportation inside them. All these urban elements are grouped almost all in the center. Thus, we take an urban samples in order to make an experimental area for the experimental proposal for the future urban energy maintenance.

            And we developed our project via 3 main points : Urban development, transportation and architecture for explain how use naturaly and optimize our climatic source for better energy provision inside our near environnement. It's energy network in relationship between them. Strong Spiderweb for the necessity of the decrease our natural source of energy like petrol, and water. Necessary for to be independant.

In this connection it aims to drastically reduce the purchase of electricity from outside the country which has only 3 million people. Become a model country and experimental in order to claim interest investors in the energy field and see how we can bring and apply the technology in the largest nearby countries such as France. It's a opportunities for participate to building of the Europe.


May 2010

Urban development : Energy wells

May 30, 2010 1:07 PM
Manuel Duret

                       The urban area of Vilnius is large and it is decorated with large sculptures. So what we suggest is to recreate the urban codes.


                 Why must we live with the heaviness of these sculptures, why keep the story nonfunctional when our world ask us news questions, sometimes we have need to recreate another language of art. An art energy which is given to emerging artists to recreate a different story while retaining most, our origin, our culture and enjoy these public spaces to improve our future.

Development :                                                   Multiply


:                                                                                                                                          Recreate for an energy code                                

An other manner to live with the energy :


Transportation extended

May 30, 2010 11:31 AM
Manuel Duret

              The trolley-bus, exist since 3 November 1956, today there are 159 trolley-bus in Vilnius and 13 rows in the city. Thus, one can notice that this means of transport is suitable to the current context, a decrease of energy resources. Thus, electricity is a source that can be produce, if we put in place means.

               By this, the part of the energy needed to trolley-bus and promote this type of transport you must first see where we can draw energy needs. For the question about the new design of the trolley-bus comes after the question : where can we get the energy            

    The answer lies on the one hand via the energy produced by public places (see: urban development: energy wells): on one hand we can draw in them, but to make it independent, it should also draw in the sun and the rumble of tires. Optimizing the maximum.

Actual Trolley-bus
Eater :
Eat : 25 Kw/place/hours
New  eater: 18 Kw/place/hours



An other manner to eat:

               In this we must put in programs to build financial resources for a better return on investment. We do not think for today, but we think for tomorrow.

Lifestyle for the transportation : Flow extended


Energy architecture :homeless urban city and architecture to Vilnius (Lithuania)

May 30, 2010 6:10 AM
Manuel Duret

                  Under the pretext of building an architecture for the homeless. We suggest by this architecture, how we could have a place to house the homeless, without spending much money for the use of energy. Thus, we take the city of Vilnius, capital with about 554 281 residents (census of 2001) and with an average activity a favorable in order to take this one as a city experimental,"sampling", to promise him a new development more appropriate to the context of resource exhaustion.

                  As a result, we try to show the context of the city of Vilnius in Lithuania where we its geological context, political and economic power is entitled to develop a better way by the use of these parametric atmosphere in particular the snow water and sunlight. We create by this context, the project for the homeless.

Climat and precipitation :

                  How to use the environment to recover another source of energy to autonomous architecture in the city? This is the problem of our energy architecture.

1. Built :

We don't research to create a new shape or form, we create the forme for receive better the source of energy :

Temporary accommodation for homeless: a program pretext

Materials :

Plan and section :

3. Flow energy and source :

4. Element to energy architecture :

Roof : receiving water

Focus on the filter :

5. Energy Bulb :

Function :  

                                Tools of creation energy :

                Focus on the Palms :                                    Détails and material :

6. Energy architecture : open sharing human




Energy architecture : homeless urban city and architecture

             ( Vilnius_Lithuania)

              The city of Vilnius in Lithuania, as a homeless lost among all the cities in the world must be autonomous. He must find in its natural resources available to meet those needs. However, the city sometimes has to beg to survive, begging for electricity, water to provide the user or the city what they need. So, how empower the city and its architecture in context?

               We, we make autonome first by the urban space. Taking advantage of the full space for receiving resources. The public space is the new site energy, we modify the standard codes and the language of this place, to develop an appropriate environment for the city's future.

              Transportation services, reactivated an appropriate mode of transport to maximize the appropriate means of transportation to resource that we produce. Thus, public space provided some part of the transportation energy.

              Then, the architecture, it must also have the function of producing its own energy. It should be built not just for to live, but we need to plan a program for add energy inside it, it must be adapted to our future energy problems and natural resources such as water. Let's use of natural resources to maximize losses. As the homeless, take what we need to survive., Be independent cope to rising prices and the declining standard of energy resources like oil and water.

             The goal is to reduce and optimized all our environnement of our life for prepared better the futur development of our city. We can considered the city to Vilnius like a city experimental for other country . Because, the context to Vilnius is an opportunity : it's a Capital, small, with active life, ready to evolute and wait for the best proposal. It's a ideal context for grow up the new energy mood of life.



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