The New Level of Life

June 2010


Jun 8, 2010 2:54 PM
Olga Moroz

I live in Minsk. It is the capital of Belarus. The population is almost 2 million people. One of the main feature of Minsk' planning structure is large dwelling districts which were built during Soviet Union Period. They have name "Sleeping District" because people come there usually just to spent evenings and nights and then go back to work, study, theatres, cinemas, restaurants...

During the time of projecting those districts were the nice decision to provide people with place for life. But now they are giant grey monsters with huge transport problem.

The projects of districs were desinged when an automobile was the luxury for soviet man. Because of this for house of 300 apartments there are only 15 parking places!!!

But now every second family has its own automobile and wants to park it as close to apartment as possible.

As a result people don't have any other solution as to parking there cars on narrow road, pavements, on lawn, near children playgrounds. If we put all the cars of district on the free from roads territory they will occupy 80 % of its land. In this case we don't have place for people.

Moreover air pollution from traffic fumes increases every year with growing of the amount of cars.

The main task of the project is to regulate difficult 'relationships' between people and cars, to help people to feel free and to reduce negative influences of cars.

Engineering nets, insolation, building configuration lead to one solution - PLATFORM

This platform is a NEW LEVEL OF LIFE for people and allows cars to take place on the ground level.

The platform is situated on the level of 1st floor which now becomes the new level of life for people.

Under the platform we project special automatic system of cars's transportation. As a result on the territory of distric we don't use engines of cars, so we reduce flue gas level. Moreover on the ceiling of platforms we install special ventilation systems that convert involuntary emissions of cars into fresh air and prevent the spread of them into the atmosphere.

When a car comes to entrance zone, it is putted in the moving oval which deliveres  car with passengers to place near an entrance to a porch. Using lifts or ramps people pick up to their level. All the energy for moving cars, lightning and artificial ventilation is produced by solar batteries which are installed on roofs of buildings.

The Platform has the holes for trees, for additional light and ventilation.

On the upper level it has benches, children playgrounds, and other street furniture that people need for happy life.



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