Yun ji ho lives in SEOUL

Lee Sung Wook lives in SEOUL

 Namkoong Young-bock lives in SEOUL




Yun ji-ho

Lee sung-wook

Namkoong young-bock


jungle in urbanjungle

SEOUL is the biggest city in the world. and diversity event, culture and life-style. It is new attempt to Especially Teheran - Street is Economy and culture heart of SEOUL. High-rise buildings have similar elevation. But Jungle project change their elevation. Each sector consisit of a variety of activity such as ,walking outdoor event, X-sports, swimming, jogging and etc.Further more each section have connection by jungle project is made up of Green plant. Jungle project pomotes each activity and generates community. in addition to Jungle project decreaes co2 concentration and at the same time increase o2 concentration. Jungle project diminish Urban heat island

For the last ten yers JP(Jungle Project)has been changed cityscape. Nowdays, city of landscape as well as it isnot existing activity by Since JUNGLE PROJECT had created the activities that are uncommon in previous construction of city, it has made the activities and behaviors change beyond the scenery of city. While a road is far from buildings physically in the past, in modern society the buildings’ users facing a road directly could be easy to promote friendship with an opposite people. Moreover, that has reduced density of sidewalk and made newer circumstance on the road as well. This situation leads to relieve lease-fee and preference of first floor in buildings.In days to come JP(Jungle Project) will be increse organic connection each buildings and bring more diversity communities consequently it accelerate green energy in city

Complex and intense as the jungle continues to live life to the urban jungle of Seoul as another means of making the city of Seoul did JP(Jungle Project) Creative people living in the city, as well as lifestyles have changed. The project started in Teheran jungle of Seoul in Seoul, the other large cities in the central area of the phase with the spread of cities has been replicated by providing them a new space for new activities have been me leading. At the same time reduce CO2 emissions, and excess production of O2 at the same time the city and state of sustainable architecture was presented. JP(Jungle Project) is now in the city, as well as the connection between the city and the city beyond the physical limits of the possible connection was suggested.



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