June 2010

Jun, 14 2010 7:56 AM
Chao Wang

Inside the city,instead of road network,the river network divides the land.As a result,there is hardly a car but hydrogen-powered yachts and bikes in Aquapolis.Indeed,the rivers and the bridges across the rivers make up the internal transport system of the city.And the harbor ...

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Aquapolis 2020

As climate change,global warming of the ocean and the air will accelerate the melting of the ice sheets.The rise in sea level may well threaten our homeland,especially the cities close to the seaside.What these coastal cities will be?Will they just submerge and people who live in them leave thier home?Or will they accommodate the changes and utilize the new situation?Will we live above the sea instead of next to it?The project Aquapolis 2020 gives a vision of the city above the sea in the future.

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