Competition Submission Format and Content Requirements

 Competition Blog Entry Content and Format Requirements.

Your competition blog submission should include the following:

  1. The Title of your Ideas proposal.

  2. Your name or names of your team (including first and last name(s)).

  3. The name of the city in which your ideas proposal is located.

  4. A brief 100 word (max) summary description of your your submission, including a point-form list of the Planning and Design Principles, Urban Design Principles, and/or Building Design Principles incorporated in the entry.

  5. You can choose one of two format options for your submission:

Format Option 1 - Ideas Blog Format: For those choosing to submit their ideas as a written blog entry, your submission should be structured as blog narrative that includes whatever plans, drawings, photos, sketches and diagrams are appropriate for communicating your ideas. Consider supplementing your written narrative with:

  • 3D perspective drawings of the proposal that best captures the ideas you are proposing. The images can be simple idea sketches or a more detailed 3D renderings – whatever medium, style or type of graphic that you think will best convey the ideas you are trying to illustrate.
  • City and or Site Plan drawings that most effectively explains your design ideas and help the jurors understand the urban context for your Ideas proposal.
  • Zoning or use diagrams or maps that help you explain your concepts.
  • For building design ideas, providing building plan drawings that effectively conveys your ideas is a good way to make your ideas clear to the jurors.
  • If you are working at a community scale, a neighbourhood or community context plan is useful to help the jury understand the proposal’s context.
  • Any additional text explanations or labels that are appropriate for conveying your ideas.
  • Any additional drawings, sketches, photographs or illustrations that will help the jury best understand the ideas and intent of your submission.
  • For more information on how to upload images to your Entry Blog click here>>

Format Option 2 - Video Mini Documentary Format:  Your submission should be a video documentary, or commentary of between 5 and 10 minutes in length. Once you have produced your video, it must be loaded onto YouTube, and then linked to the website as part of your Competition Entry Blog. For more information about how to enter your video in your Entry Blog click here >>


Submissions are due on

Friday May 28th, 2010 by 12 am. EST.

To begin the registration process click here >>