May 2010


May 22, 2010 11:41 AM
Bronwyn Whyte

Beyond the Food Court: Placing a Food Innovation Hub in Fairview Mall
Contributor: Bronwyn Whyte
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

This blog starts by exploring the myriad of issues that confront and plague our current food system. It then moves beyond these issues and offers and innovative solution to help localize the food system using a unique piece of our existing urban fabric that is in desperate need of revitalization. In order to better convey this idea I have adapted it to a real case in Toronto, Ontario.

This idea and submission have been informed to a great extent by's resilient design principles, including;

  • Carbon Dependency, and
  • Local Self-Sufficiency.

Other resilient design principles that have shaped the project, though to a lesser extent are;

  • System Redundancy, and
  • System Diversity.

Finally, certain design principles have also contributed to the final submission. These are;

  • Density, Diversity and Mix,
  • Place Making,
  • Engaged Communities, and
  • Redundant and Durable Life Safety and Critical Infrastructure Systems.

Thank you for taking the time to engage in this idea! I hope you enjoy!

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