Living with the Water Paradox [COMPETITION WINNER!]

May 2010

Waste/Recycling System

May 27, 2010 1:42 PM
Kim Ratanavong

The key questions in regards to waste were as follows:

1. What are the opportunities in which the Water Paradox could positively change the way that the existing waste management could run?

2. How could waste management, particularly recycling, be made more efficient and socially and environmentally more sustainable within Water Paradox - particularly in regards to the food waste?

Figure 1: The RC proposed system for Waste/Recycling System

The proposed RC waste system for the neighborhoods are more than just 'waste processing and disposal' facility -- it goes further to promote and implement further 'recycling' culture (in conjunction with the urban farming/food production infrastructure and culture) within scale that is appropriate for units of area covered by the 'decentralised' waste spots.

Figure 2: Master Plan - Waster/Recycling management




The Water Paradox

Where you live with what you have - the climate change induced water issues.

This study explores the most ubiqutous climate change paradox present in many of coastal cities around the world - the abundance and the lack of water in addition to, risk + opportunities of the climate change induced water issues.

The proposal demonstrates the risks and potentials of the coastal/bay area developments and communities such as Fish Market area in Sydney, Australia.

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