Manifestations for a City [HONOURABLE MENTION]

May 2010

Streets, avenues and boulevards

May 11, 2010 2:30 AM
Digant Shah

The existing street patterns showing junctions as important nodes with activity thriving at these points.

The streets are designed to increase sustainable transit systems (pedestrian and cycles) in the zone. The streets are outlined to increase the pedestrian activity in the zone. The streets are linked to important nodes and high activity points that include social and cultural academies, music and dance academies, sports complexes, schools, colleges, recreational public places like sita buldi, reshambagh and bus depots. The streets are heavily greened and shaded. Some of the streets are designed into open transformable display/exhibition for the local artisans. Urban boulevards are created across the city.

The various street sections of the zone.

The existing street

The proposed modified street view.

The existing node.

The modified proposed node acting as a gathering space during festivals and other occassions.



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