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May 2010

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May 31, 2010 5:57 PM
Anthony Joyeux


During last days, I've heard about ... BP -British Petroleum-.


In ironic twist, BP finalist for pollution prevention award


Call it a tragic irony, no ?


Anyway, the real aim of this post is to propose a small calculation and comparison giving someting really interesting :


Louisiana Oil Slick todays' cost for BP

990 000 000 USD


All the 39 filling stations prices in this project if we want to give back them to the public space

176 962 805 USD


so 17,8% of oil slick cost 

(only for one brand, and we've so many other ...)


keep it mind






 Full of Fuel

city of Lyon, France

by anthony joyeux

state graduated architect


full of fuel

a new urban fragmented park based on the filling stations reusing

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