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May 2010

fingers and parks

May 28, 2010 11:39 PM
Anthony Joyeux



from the top 
   re-use strong dispositives of image in the city   
brand boards are visibles and well placed ... so why can’t we reuse it to give another information in connection with the new activities on the filling station.

Culture of specific tree species to clean up the ground
Keep the existing vegetation, trees and hedges.

   reinforce amap network    
Amap is a network of market gardeners around Lyon who want to sell near the inhabitants. People pay in advance for a seasonal vegetables basket and each week, they come in small spaces to take it and to pay for the next week. Vegetables are from around Lyon, it’s cheaper than in supermarket with a better taste and you have a human contact with de gardener. What else ?

Near each reactivated fueling station, you can let your bike for another people ; more stations means a better and faster rotation

   have park just near your home   
The strong density in Lyon leads to construct a lot, without taking the consideration of the house : to have a garden, a terrace.

   stimulate an ecosystem establishment   
With small dispositives we can stimulate the emergence of new vegetation and animal species ; water, small wallows, wild grasses, small hedges ...



crumbled park and green fingers, crumbled park and green fingers  





 Full of Fuel

city of Lyon, France

by anthony joyeux

state graduated architect


full of fuel

a new urban fragmented park based on the filling stations reusing

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